FrehdC (Fine Resolution Environmental Hydrodynamic Model in C) is a 2D depth-integrated semi-implicit finite-volume numerical model that simulates free surface flow and scalar transport in shallow estuaries, river deltas and coastal marshes. The original Frehd model was written by Dr. Ben Hodges from the University of Texas at Austin. This 2D C-version Frehd is created by Zhi Li to improve its computation efficiency, which is achieved by enabling parallel computing with MPI and implementing the subgrid topography model.

The current available version of FrehdC (v4.2) can be found via this link:

Frehg is the coupled surface-subsurface model that is still under development. Currently it is able to simulate coupled shallow water and variably-saturated groundwater flow, transport of passive scalars, as well as the subgrid-scale topography.